April 14, 2011

Mr & Mrs. Glen Stone...

On behalf of St. Andrews Lodge No. 1, AF & AM, on the Register of the GLNS. We would like to thank you with all our hearts for the assistance you provided us to complete a Playground area for the HERizon’s Program for the children of these Single parents. It is something we all need look at and It gives us great pleasure in knowing that you are a person who cares about not only the time and essence of a project but the expertise to have it done without even knowing that you had been there other than seeing that the Job has been done very well. It is not unlike our morals of doing business where a man’s word is his Bond and you are only the second person I have known to work on this Principal. Thank you for being someone who participates in your community’s needs.

Master, St. Andrew’s Lodge No1

AF & AM on the register of the GLNS.

- Art Irving

The construction of our new home on St Margaret's Bay left a steep slope of stone and sandy soil that was eroding during each heavy rainfall event.

Several contractors looked at the challenge of building terraced retaining walls and steps and clearly most did not really want to tackle the job.

We selected Glen Stone to build the terraced natural stone walls. They worked closely with our site supervisor (Carol Ann) and produced the most pleasing and artistic series of retaining walls and a stone staircase, which connects our home to the upper driveway. They also completed the backfilling of each terrace and laying of the grass to produce the final result of complete landscaping. Their performance exceeded our expectations and the work was completed within the budget.

Each of their employees was a pleasure to deal with and, in fact, due to the time they spend with us became "family."

We have subsequently recommended Glen Stone to close friends who had a similar experience and we would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

- Doug and Carol Ann Buchanan

I'm writing to let you know how pleased we are with the project that we had done in our back yard this past summer.

Everything that was requested was done in the most professional manner, including extending a trench and filling it with gravel for drainage, leveling and layering the yard, adding 6 inches of good soil and covering with sod, moving the mini barn to the side of the yard, making the yard appear much bigger and open with a view.

The front yard that had sod laid where the equipment was moving back and forth to the back yard matches perfectly with the rest of the lawn.

Lots of good comments from neighbours and summer company.

- Harry Winters

St. Paul's Home.is a charity registered by Act of the Nova Scotia Legislature. It owns 9 properties in the Halifax Regional Municipality. These vary from buildings well over 100 years old to relatively modem ones. The homes are leased on nominal rental terms to groups such as Phoenix Youth, HomeBridge Youth, the Registered Independent Students Association and Spryfield Boys and Girls Club, all of whom care for displaced and disadvantaged youth.

During the past 3 years, Glen Stone Excavation and Trucking Ltd. has carried out various projects for us, including excavation and making watertight the foundation of an old house, repairing and relaying driveways, building supporting stonework, and clearing land. All of these jobs were done expeditiously and efficiently, with coordination and co-operation with all parties concerned. The jobs were completed on time and at the quoted price.

I have no hesitation in recommending Glen Stone Excavation and Trucking Ltd. for any job of this nature.

- St. Paul's Home